I Will Always Catch You Mio

Lately I have got two new outfits for my girls but I took most of the photos with my father’s camera. Then lo and behold, now the usb cords are missing and we need to order new ones = _ = we tore the house apart to search for them. They literally sprouted legs and disappeared without a trace. Sigh. Anyways, photos will most likely be with my phone or my lame $100 camera that’s like 5 years old. So I apologize again further in advance for the quality of the photos. Your eyes must be bleeding right now T_T! These outfits will be the last until I get my newest resin girl in the mail, my Volks Sweet Winter Smile Nono. I am still questioning on keeping her or selling her. I will have to see once I get her. Anywho! Onward with the post! 😀

Though my first doll post on my own blog I have several other posts from Figure.fm of my girls. This one is kind of a continuation of this post here: http://www.figure.fm/post/en/37551/Mio+and+Miku+s+New+Dresses.html

So make sure you read this post before reading this one 🙂 thank you!

Outfits were made by Ausra-chan (Miku’s Bikini set) and Poy-chan( Mio’s Ivy Dress Set) from Figure.fm. Both very charming girls and amazing! I truly appreciate the outfits they sold me. They suit my girls very well! And I am certainly pleased with them :D! Though unfortunately the Ivy Dress was suppose to be for S/M bust but it really only fits the S bust which surprised me. I thought about contacting her telling her of this issue but decided to leave it be. I was just thankful Miku was S bust(they had to switch bodies for the time being X_X). For now, I am just gonna upload the cute scenario my girls went through last night. I will upload photos later of full details of their outfits. Thank you and enjoy! 😀

P.S: You might notice something different about my room. I will post soon about my new room update so please hang in tight for now! 😀


Mio: Mitsuki is running late today…


Miku: Neh Mio! Let me catch you…!

Mio:  . . . . .


Mio: N-No

Miku: -Tilts head- Why not..?


Mio: -Touches her lips faintly remembering that kiss Miku gave her just not too long ago- . . . .


Mio: -Blushes and looks off to the side- B-Becuase it’s embarrassing!

Miku: Oh Mio. Come on. Please? Just for me?


Miku: -Still has her outstretched hand waiting for Mio’s answer but realizes she isn’t getting any answer in return except for silence-

Mio: . . . . .


Miku: -Sigh- Fine…I will go do something else then.


Mio: -Frowns realizing she hurt Miku. She caught a glimpse of Miku’s turning back and leaned forward reaching out her hand-


Mio: -Reaches- W-Wait Miku..!




Miku: -Turns- !!? MIO!


Mio: O_O A-Ah..!


Miku dashed in time to catch the clumsy shy bass girl Mio. Though she was safe they were both stunned for several moments both taking in what had just happened. And especially what they were doing at this very moment.


Miku: You okay…?


Miku: Mio??


Mio: Y-Yes I am fine…-blushes clinging just a bit longer-


Miku: -Carefully sets her back down- There. No harm done. Good thing I caught you right on time. You could have hurt yourself even from just a small drop like that.


Mio: . . . . .


Mio: -Hugs!-

Miku: -Startled- M-Mio…? What’s wrong?


Mio: -Cries- Thank you Miku! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! For everything! I’m sorry I didn’t want you to catch me before. -Sniffle- I’m so sorry! Image

Miku: -Holds her- There there Mio. Shhhh don’t cry. Shhh…


Miku: -Holds her wet stained cheek and smiles- I Will Always Catch You Mio. Okay..?


Mio: -Blushes and nods- H-Hai…


Even though I feel like sometimes my Miku DD likes trolling me sometimes I was really surprised. I was curious if another DD can hold another. And I was really surprised! O_O Though Mio was a bit…heavy, Miku never dropped her. It touched me some how T_T. I was really happy with this photo shoot and I hope you guys were as well. Though it was a bit… shoujo ai? Ahahaha. Hope you enjoyed the post and hope to hear from you guys soon! 😀



From this angle it looks like they are kissing O/////O pretty interesting! X’D Hope you guys enjoyed the post! 😀 take care!


5 thoughts on “I Will Always Catch You Mio

  1. Gift says:

    Aw! Too cute! ^////^

  2. Q says:

    Your Miku with the closed eyes looks lovely! Great for a kiss with Mio!

  3. magikdolls says:

    Creepy… cute dolls though

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