Canaan My Waifuu + Other News

Some who follow my twitter already now know I have been obsessed with the new anime Canaan for quite some time now. I have got the nendroid and figma version of Canaan and hopefully one day get the 1/8th pvc version of her.


Stop being so gorgeous Canaan! ; A ; But I am going to wait to get her until I get my computer and own desk set up so she can have a nice place to look awesome in :D! Also another reason why I have been putting off buying Dead Master pvcs as well πŸ˜₯ orz….

I hope to accomplish getting my dakimakura of her so I can snuggle with her happily when I sleep <3. So some of you are thinking…


WHY Canaan? I love her character and personality a lot. She can be serious when need be and have fun when she needs to :). I love her unique abilities and her deep love for Maria-chan in the show. I just love everything about her. Especially on how she carries herself and her cute addiction to pocky. That’s a plus right? πŸ˜€

For the longest time, I truthfully thought that Saber in her handsome suit form was my waifuu but honestly, many claim for her to be their waifuu and a lot love her. But that doesn’t discourage me too much since I still truly do love Saber in her amazing suit that Irisviel got for her! πŸ˜€



I guess what honestly stole my heart was how knightly she can be towards Irisviel. Definitely a knight and princess relationship <3! I never really liked Saber or the Fate/Stay Night series because mainly Shirou ruined it for me. I hate him and Emiya Kiritsugu with a PASSION. I hate how both of them think. It’s just not my way is all. But I am not going to let them ruin the series for me. I am after all here for Saber and Irisviel after all (Oh, did I forget to mention I support them? ^_^ hu hu~ :D).

To be honest, I consider Canaan my waifuu but I still do truly love Saber in her suit. So at times I consider them both my waifuu but if I was asked which one I would pick and blah blah blah. Of course it would be Canaan. I consider Canaan my 2D waifuu and lovely Maridah (who cosplayed as Saber from Fate/Zero) my 3D waifuu.


*Droooollllssss* I have known Maridah for quite some time (almost 2 years actually) and the first time I saw her she was cosplaying as sweet Mirai-chan by Danny Choo. I have also seen her around the DD hobby but seeing her in the suit(not to mention cosplaying as my favorite Saber) made my heart explode. Major ‘doki doki’ and almost sent me to the hospital several times. I drew a cute photo of us together as cute chibis and also made a cute short video of what I would do if I would meet her. I had a lot of fun making it that I will most likely make a 2nd part with others in it as well! ^_^

At the current moment I am trying to keep it on the down low because at time I really do think I am over doing my fascination with her. MAJOR creeper status and that’s not nice! :0 Poor thing ^^;;. But I really do hope I can meet her some day if I am not shying away some where or glomping her to death. Poor Maridah-chan T o T I fear for you. I must protect you from myself X’D -sigh-..

Though Maridah and Canaan are my 2D and 3D waifuu’s don’t get me STARTED on my husbando =_=


So…ummm *ahem* yeah moving forward >_>

The day I got my Canaan nendroid I was literally stalking the post man as if I was looking forward to another doll coming home or something 0.0. I shocked the poor thing when I jerked the door open. Shocked him so much I made him lose his balance X’D! Ahhh..oh Mitty…


Nendroid little me and Canaan meeting for the first time. It was like it was fate or something ^ o ^ ~


All the pieces Canaan came with. I was very pleased with all her 3 cute expressions ^_^


Canaan: Where am I?

Me: Welcome home Canaan! ^ o ^


Canaan: -Hops out- Home?

Me: Of course! πŸ˜€ Nice to finally meet you ^_^ I am little Mitsuki!Β 


Me: Hope we can become friends (or more..)!

Canaan: Β . . . .kay

Me: Come! πŸ˜€ I shall show you around!


Me: This is where you will live for now on! ^_^ I hope you like it!

Canaan: Β . . . .it’s nice


After a while I decided to change my little nendroid self again. I am a mix of Sadako, Mio, Azusa, and Stocking. I think Canaan is quite pleased ^_^


A photo that should be familiar on my Twitter. It was a day when Simply Aroused and Crimson were picking on me. Canaan was not pleased as you can see X’D.

Canaan: Stop picking on Mitsuki! >:0


And then a few weeks past when I finally found a decently priced figma of Canaan. Thanks to Simple Aroused’s help, I found her for $85 rather than over $100 ^_^. I was very much happy on getting her! I really like how they put her full tattoo on the cover of her box :D!



The sides


I honestly cringed seeing the box like that but as long as Canaan was safe I did not care…too much.


Everything that Canaan came with ^_^


The first to greet her was of course my lovely Dead Master (sorry about all the cords in the background X_X).

Dead Master: Pleased to meet you. I am Dead Master~


Canaan: ??? I’m Canaan.


Then you can obviously see what happened X’D poor Canaan o.o. First night here and already having it tough lol!

Canaan: What is the meaning of this?!

Dead Master: Fu fu fu~ A new toy to play with~

I love everything about my Canaan figma and also the slight possibility of her sitting. But what I didn’t like is how stiff she is. It’s very hard to pose her naturally like I can with my other figmas.


When I woke up I found this happening when I was heading to work o_0

Canaan: Ready to go?

Dead Master: Of course my dear~

Something tells me Black Rock Shooter is not going to be happy about all of this >_>;;


Later on I found this happening too. Yomi was not amused of Dead-chan messing with her πŸ˜›

Dead Master: You want to play with us? So be it.


So your probably wondering what happened to these two? Oh don’t worry they are still around ^_^. I still need to make a post about their new outfits but was more in the mood talking about my precious Canaan waifuu and other updates <3! Still need to post about my room but might wait for that until my computer and desk comes >_>. Take care guys! πŸ˜€




5 thoughts on “Canaan My Waifuu + Other News

  1. lightningsabre says:

    Now can you imagine if Maridah were to cosplay Canaan?

  2. lightningsabre says:

    Now imagine if Maridah would cosplay as Canaan…

  3. Q says:

    I haven’t watched Canaan yet orz. Got too many to watch on my backlog…

    Dead Master sure is quick to greet her with chains! XD And don’t worry about BRS; I’ll keep her busy ^^;

    As for the Canaan PVC figure, from what I’ve read the final product is slightly off from the beautiful prototype as seen in the preview. The biggest eyesore is that the cape has a big seam line down in the middle ._.

    • LMAOZ! That’s just Dead Master’s way of saying hello πŸ™‚ and thank you for that info. That’s crazy >o< I will definitely keep an eye out for that! Thank you for commenting! πŸ˜€

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