Newest DD Girls + News

So Fall has happened, and Winter, and Spring has been here for about a week or so now. I honestly do feel bad about not blogging so much. I blame the lack of an really awesome camera I have been telling myself to get now for ages. But since I got laid off from my second job it still might not come to pass still for a long while ; A ; orz. So *ahem* lets begin ^_^!ImageBack in November I commissioned dear Andreja to redo the face up of my first BJD girl, Mizuki. It was indeed her 2nd birthday gift and also celebrating the two years I have been in the doll hobby :). It wasn’t easy I’ll tell you that much since I went through my own trials and tribulations.The face up commissioner lives in Australia and definitely lives up to her name by her amazing work and her hefty prices. She literally JUST doubled her prices when I was in her slots to commission her @_@.  ImageI definitely think it was worth it. My first girl really needed a spa treatment and some nice work done to her other than my DD girls for a change.( Oops there goes $240 :X )

You can see her amazing work and what she did for my girl here! ^_^ Very detailed and I was certainly honored and pleased she chose my girl to do her ‘Face up Stories’ on.ImageImageI got into figurines for a while and definitely need some more for my collection <3! As I have stated before, I consider Saber x Irisviel a couple and definitely love them together. What can I say? :3 Gotta love them Yuri couples! Image*Sorry for the blurry mess of this photo!* For sure, 2012 was my BJD/Cosplay wig collecting year. I couldn’t believe how much I got and still want more : X whelp! I guess you can never have enough wigs for your girls *cough* or for yourself *cough*! Until I figure out where to put them, they will stay in this bag and the pile around it for a while ^^;;;; ahahaha.ImageI also found love on December 8th of 2012 to an amazing girl in Orlando Florida. She knows of my obsession over penguins and gave this to me for Valentine’s day <3! His name is little Henry and I adore him.ImageAnd whoops ^_^;; what do we have here? I caught a Saber! :D*shot for referencing Pokemon XDD*ImageSo back in December I had gotten a cute Volks Victorique de Blois with the dear help of LightningSabre *cough*thatIstillowehimmoneyfor*cough* ^ ^;;. But as soon as I got her I was having some really tough issues bonding with her. And also felt I just wasn’t ready for another resin doll at this time. I barely give enough attention to Mizuki (sometimes). And although I can never part with her, I love her deeply :’) she is after all, my first BJD girl. I think the main issue is just finding the right clothes for her 🙂 plus helps to know she isn’t picky if she gets new clothes or not *whew*.ImageSince I had trouble bonding with Victorique I put her up for sale or for trade for a DDS Melty. I want her OH so badly ; A ; and just get a littlleee sad when I see someone else get her ; _ ; *sad pout*. She is my favorite Shining Hearts character. And I do hope I can maybe possibly get her later this year *fingers crossed*. But instead, someone offered a nice trade for her Saber Alter 2nd Version and I couldn’t resist <3! I simply adore her and have always wanted a Saber thanks to dear Haku-kun’s Saber Alter when he had her for a brief period of time.ImageSaber will be, no questions asked, my girl who will be wearing tomboyish clothes. Shorts,tennis shoes, hoodies–you name it. I am really excited to get her some more clothes and for her to model in them ^ 3 ^!

I got this set and another from a nice Etsy lady named GelassenheitWald. And I can’t get enough of them! 🙂 I love the materials she used and the cute clothes she makes (for amazing prices) for our dear DD girls.ImageCan I just say these stockings are amazing? They are very soft and I love the color of them. They go very well with the entire set if I do say so myself ^_^.ImageAnd HOLY MOLY! SHOES! XD Something I desperately need more of in my wardrobe now that I have more girls in my life 🙂 Got these little guys and another pair you will see later from Ebay for merely $20 with free shipping. I really like them ^_^!ImageThe back of the outfit is something else. I love the cute pockets and the frill at the bottom of the shorts giving this outfit a cute edge. This outfit can fit either M or L bust girls which is always nice :3.ImageThe set came with the dress, shirt, armlets, necklace, and the stockings for only $40. I also got another set but I am sure I will show you guys another day :). This outfit, plus the other, it came to nearly $70 for both plus only $6 shipping.

As for names, I am unsure what to name her. Now, I know what some of you are saying >_>;; ‘Mitsuki! Name her after your waifuu Maridah! :D’.ImageTrust me, I have thought of it but I already have so much ‘M’ names in my family and I am sure I will be having plenty more ‘M’ names down the road as well :(. But who knows, maybe I will since I did want my own custom Maridah DD girl *shrug*. We will see but no guarantee okay guys? 😉

I am half tempted to just call her Saber like everyone else, or to possibly name her Arturia. Thanks to Haku-kun getting me in this mess and making me fall for Saber Alter 😛 he originally named his Saber Alter “Eve” from the “Black Cat” series ^_^. I read/watched it a long time ago and sorely miss it :3.ImageImage

I faintly even remember the series but I remember her just being a very quiet type of girl. Very mellow and soft spoken. She was a very adorable character though ^_^!Image*Darn these friggin dark dreary left over Winter days. No sunlight I swear! >o<* So maybe I’ll call her Saber Eve, or Arturia Eve Pendragon– I dunno, I am just stuck >_<. As I am very pleased with my Saber, I am unsure if I am going to keep her in her original eyes or wig. I want to really customize the crap out of her now since I know she has an awesome squishy head to make it really easy to switch out her eyes and such :3. A big plus in my books. I have a few ideas on what I want to do with her but I want to see it all on her and I’ll decide from there ^_^.ImageHmmm?ImageAhh, that’s right, I was customizing a Dead Master wasn’t I? ^_^ Many have seen quite a few teasing photos of her for the past few months. And I guess I could give you guys a sneak peak on what I am doing here. I have certainly been working VERY long and hard on her for the past year (back in January 2012). But I feel like it’s going to finally pay off later this year :). Or so I hope <_<;;ImageI have to really thank UltimaKnight for the recommendation of these amazing eyes SQLab released about a year and a half ago. They do look amazing and fit my dear Dead-chan very well. They are just a bit big for her eyes but they look marvelous nonetheless <3! The glasses are also from SQLab and the face up was done by dear Hikaru-kun before he got swarmed by a ton of DD owners wanting to get their face ups done by his amazing hand @_@. The poor dear.ImageThe wig was modded by me and came from Leekeworld. It originally had pigtails and I had to chop them off and cut the cute side curls to really give Dead Master her default hair. I truly love it but I feel eventually due to Leekeworld’s troublesome wigs at times, I may need a back up one. But for now this will do.ImageAs I have said, this is only a sneak peak and I will give more details about how I went about making her and what I had to go through. She isn’t complete for now but she will be soon 😉 and she’ll definitely be back!ImageAs for the love birds–I mean Mio and my custom sleeping Miku Hatsune, They are doing well and ready for the Spring like everyone else on the East coast of the United States XD.Image This necklace came as a free gift (from the clothes sets I bought from the Etsy lady :)) and is very cute for Mio to wear with her 2012 Spring dress. For Mio, I am quite content on how she is now and will get new clothes for her here and there when the time comes.ImageOh and look! More shoes! ❤ImageAs for my Miku, she certainly needs some work done to her. I am hoping later this year when I have time and when Dead-chan is done I can get back with her and finish her. I also need some more proper photos of her in this custom outfit I got made for her last year that my local dear friend made for me. It just needs more proper photos and the attention it deserves :3.

Thank you all for reading and dreadfully sorry for this amazing long post! XD I had a lot to catch up on. Expect more soon! ^_^ Thanks for reading! Mitsuki out! ^ o ^/


One thought on “Newest DD Girls + News

  1. Haku1923 says:

    Dead Master is looking absolutely gorgeous there and very true to the anime! I can tell you put a lot of effort into making her come to life :3 And though it was for a short while, I’m glad my Eve was able to influence somebody like so. Other girls are looking great too~. It’s also interesting to see how you named the little guy from Florida Henry^^; A bit unrelated but that was my nickname during High School.

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