BRS TV Anime Review Part 1


Black Rock Shooter TV Anime Review

All right, I am going to be doing a post of what I honestly think of the anime? Honestly? Awesome stuff right here. But truly? Too short. It wasn’t really…crammed or anything it flowed nicely but 8 episodes…? Really guys? You drop the OVA yet only give us an 8 episode anime series. AT LEAST MAKE IT 12 EPISODES CONFOUND YOU! >:0

*Ahem* Moving on.


I was really hating how people were comparing the OVA and the anime so much and how much they were hating it. Some even dared to say it was the least favorite show of the season. I think not. It made me drop all other anime series just to watch it. It’s a terrific series plus my gorgeous Dead Master came back in her beautiful glory. I really loved how they made Black Rock Shooter with a hood giving her a more ‘mysterious’ side of her. Made my heart ‘doki doki’ when she made a certain ‘tsun tsun’ expression. Kyaa ; _ ; I’m hopeless.

Let’s talk about the characters. First off to me, it’s going to be Black Rock Shooter.


Not sure if you guys have noticed but they have been making her pigtails spikier and spikier and I’m not to enthusiastic about it. Course it gives her ‘I’ve been through a lot’ type of look but honestly I liked how less jagged it was before. Am I comparing it to the OVA? Nope. Just the original art honestly. I love Black Rock Shooter’s character but for some reason they made her out like a bad guy in episode 3. What happened there?!


I still don’t understand the whole ‘give me your hand I’m your savior’ type of thing but really? Things like this scene and a whole lots of other things just left a lot of questions opened. And that was another reason why I was aggravated of the series being too short. I would have been too happy if it was 24 episodes but NOOOOOOOO it was 8! =_=

Moving forward. You will see me rampage from time to time >:0 because this was my favorite series for the season. Why wouldn’t it be? >_> it had Dead Master! 😀 !!!*SHOT* DX


Over all Black Rock Shooter was an amazing character. Especially in the last few episodes. Though the last episode really confused me. Mato was truly BRS here so the BRS in the checkered board world was the original BRS yet corrupted as IBRS right? It’s CONFUSING ME! Stop it huke! X’D

Though my friend and I agree on one thing at least. The best phrase most likely used in the series of when BRS faced IBRS when her ‘friends’ came to her aid was “I’m going to hurt you”. Best. Quote. Evah! :’D


 Okay moving on toward my beautiful dark queen of the world, Dead Master <3. As you guys can plainly see, yes, she has been my favorite honestly ever since the OVA came out. I remembered when I first saw the preview of the anime I was like o_0 Dead Master got more moe?! :’DImage

She is as regal as always but a tinge of kinkiness to her with all her amazing chains. Her character design is more ‘poofy’ with bigger wings and extra frill rather than the bolero like she originally had. I ADORED her having glasses in the anime since, ironically, I have the same shape of glasses I wear in real life though I have the color of black and white rather than neon green that she has. Still funny though :)!


I kept rewinding the amazing chained scene between these two in episode 1 ( and a little in 2). I swear they have been my favorite yuri couple ever since 2010. A good friend of mine posted this on for me bless their heart :’D! I am truly loving BRS’s ‘tsun tsun’ expression here and Dead Master like, “Don’t fight it. You know you truly want me~”. Though I think they kinda failed here since she looks more like the original Dead Master rather than the newest one X’D but I love this photo none the less! 😀

It was all going good until episode 4 and 5 *shudder*. I believe we all know why right? All I can say people were being very rude and obnoxious on how Yomi was acting in episode 4. Ummm I’m sure YOU have acted that way before at least ONCE in your lives. Especially the way she was rejected by that terrible shit head that should go drink paint thinner and die off the face of this Earth. (Harsh aren’t I?)Image

Course we discover later it wasn’t entirely her fault since she she was ‘released’ from all her pain and agony a few episodes ago but still. YOU DON’T SAY THAT TO PEOPLE! Sheesh =_=! I will warn you guys RIGHT NOW I can’t STAND Kagari. She is a worthless piece of shit that served her purpose and I want nothing to do with her. That’s it.

After episode 5 I went into literal depression. I didn’t eat much for a week. My sleep schedule was whacked. All I did was huddle in my bed and sleep, went to work, came home, sleep, cry a bit, sleep and more sleep. All I could remember is hearing both Dead Master’s and Mato’s screams whenever I went to sleep and made me cringe.Image

After all that, I didn’t even think I was gonna continue watching the series after episode 5 and even wished SO hard that they finished the friggin OVA series now! I remember getting all excited coming home to watch this episode and I was……speechless beyond belief. HOW COULD THEY DO THAT?! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! It traumatized me! T_T


Over all, Dead Master was my favorite character in the entire series. She really developed and changed a lot even though friggin BRS killed her off like that! Though what concerns me that in the beginning she had the heart tattoo on her chest yet I don’t see it any more in the later episodes. I know it wasn’t a deep wound or anything but like some one previously posted in another blog that this happened almost within like a few weeks. It couldn’t have healed THAT quickly I don’t think but hey, it’s their world, so I suppose things are just a bit different there.


Gonna make this as painless as possibly but most likely gonna bash Kagari here quite a bit. Sorry Kagari lovers : /


I can’t stand her character. People think she is ‘cute’. HOW CAN YOU FIND HER CUTE?! She basically sent Yomi off the edge! And not to mention the crazy possessiveness she had around episode 1 and 2. Sorry love, but Mato already owned Yomi since the year of 2010. SO BACK OFF! >:0Image


Though…I will admit her character design is really something else. I love the crown they gave her and its unique design (sucker for crowns). And not to mention her legs are wheels o_0. She must travel quite bit but watch out for those bumps in the road! XD Also not a fan of yellow. Can’t stand it. Though at times I will rarely like if USED CORRECTLY. Her wheel legs are really something else but too bad that BRS totaled them in episode 2. Mwahahaha.

Now what ticked me off the most is when in the last episode she stands up and has tears running down her face saying, “I guess I love Yomi after all”. Know what I would say?

ImageExactly. But more of like, “BITCH DO I KNOW YOU?!” o_0

Long post is long X_X Gonna do Strength and Black Gold Saw later in part 2 and other thoughts I had of the series. Thank you all for reading and hoped you enjoyed my rambling X’D!